Coach Jones in Amerika

17 July 2015

Dear fans,

Here is my Vegas experience in a few words.....

As many of you know I'm wearing two hats this summer. One hat as the Head Coach of the Dutch Champions SPM Shoeters, and the other hat as Associate Head Coach of the Eurobasket qualified Dutch National Team.

I traveled to Las Vegas wearing both hats. Upon my arrival I visited Henk Norel (starting center for the National Team) while he was working out with Impact sports. Impact has the best individual skill trainers in the world and they also train countless NBA players. After watching Henk workout, I didn't need to look further for our center with SPM.... I found him!  But it's too bad Henk is already signed to CAI Zaragoza of the ACB league in Spain. And he is probably not in our tax bracket.

After visiting Henk, it was time to put on my SPM hat and start scouting/coaching for my club team. This summer I was able to coach at the WSM Invitational ( This camp has been very popular in Las Vegas the last five years for coaches and GM's to do their scouting. There were a lot of high level players participating in this camp and Jos and I were impressed with a couple of players. Hopefully we can bring one of these high level players back to Den Bosch.

In between coaching and scouting we headed over to the NBA summer league to see if we could find a high level player willing to come to the Dutch Champions as a rookie. Walking through the hallways of the NBA summer league you see a 'who's who' of basketball. You see coaches and players from all over the world from USA to Europe and even Asian scouts and coaches.

The agents are always offering players and we saw again, some interesting options there. Let's see who we can bring back to help our excellent 'Dutch Core' that we were able to sign,  strive for a repeat at the Landstitle!

Heya Den Bosch & Hup Holland!

Sam Jones
Head Coach
SPM Shoeters Den Bosch

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