Een wedstrijddag in het leven van Brandyn Curry!

Either have a bowl of fruit muesli cereal or a protein shake with a banana.

What I do when game is at 20:00?
I usually go about my day the same as usual. I watch a ton of basketball highlights from both the NBA and the Euroleague on youtube. I especially like to watch guards like Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving and Damien Lillard on game days. They have alot of nice mixes with good music to get me ready for the game. Other than that I play the xbox or watch movies/shows to kill the time.

Pregame meal?
My pregame meal is almost always a whole wheat past was vegatables and beef. I cooked it for the first time before we played Saratov and really liked it alot. If I dont cook that then usually ill get subway or a pizza.

People to speak to before the game?
Before the game I always talk to my girlfriend right before I go into the gym. She always gives good words of encouragement to me before my games. Other then that I dont really talk to anyone else before games. After I always talk to my mom,  brothers from back home and my best friend from back in the states.

Time of Arrival at Stadium?
I like to get there 2 hours before the game if possible so I can get shots up while no one else is on the court.

Game preperations? 
I dont have many gametime rituals because im not a big believe in having to do the same exact thing everytime. I do like to take an hr and a half to stretch every game day during the day so im not sitting around all day. Also, a big fan of pre game naps. For warmups the one thing I do every single time is my dribbling warmup at halfcourt every single game. Other than that no real rituals I do every single time.

After game?
I either go upstairs to the Business club or down in the cafe to speak with fans after im done talking to reporters if any have questions for me.

Able to sleep after a big game? 
You would think I would crash after thrilling games like that but to be honest I always stay up late after a game becuase I cant sleep. Im constantly replaying the game in my head thinking about things i could have done better and remembering the things i did well that game so i can carry it over to the next one. But when I do finally fall asleep I sleep for a long time so its a good thing we usually have off days after the game!

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